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Time to replace the flooring in a single room or throughout the house? Want to spruce up your retail showroom or corporate reception? Marble tiles Stevenage are a long lasting, aesthetically pleasing and practical solution for any area of a residential or commercial property. Marble tiles come in many colours and patterns. Want to install marble tiles but not sure where to start? We can help you find the best tiles at the lowest prices.

What are Marble Tiles?

Marble is a metamorphic rock consisting of re-crystallised carbonate minerals such as calcite and dolomite. Marble tiles Stevenage are precision cut natural stone and come in various colours, patterns and sizes. Due to additional minerals and other impurities being present in the stone at the time of metamorphosis, marble tiles are not uniform in colour and pattern. Marble tiles are more easily installed and replaced than marble slabs.

Benefits of Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are usually used for flooring purposes, specifically in high traffic areas, but can also be used as wall tiles or for decorative purposes. There are numerous benefits to choosing marbles tiles:

  • It is incredibly strong and durable with an estimated lifespan of over one hundred years.
  • Marble tiles are easily polished, remaining lustrous despite heavy traffic.
  • Marble is naturally porous but can be treated to be water resistant, making it suitable for use in the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Marble tiles are resistant to temperature change making marble suitable for outdoor use as paving or patio surfacing.
  • Marble is a great choice for the hygiene conscious as this stone is naturally resistant to bacteria and requires cleaning with only mild detergent.
  • Being natural stone, marble is an eco-friendly choice, cable of breathing and creating a microclimate in any room.
  • Marble tiles are highly resistant to damage caused by pets, children and shoes making these tiles an ideal choice for heavy traffic areas in residential and commercial buildings.
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Installation Process

Stevenage marble tiles should only be installed by certified professionals as improper tile laying could diminish the value of your home and may even prove dangerous as uneven tiles may lead to tripping and injury. The installation process typically involves an initial survey and careful measuring so that the exact number of tiles is known. Once you have settled on the style of tile to best suit your needs, the old carpets or floorboards will be removed. Before marble tiles can be installed, foundations may require fortifying as marble can be very heavy.

Stevenage Marble Tiling Costs

Marble tiles are not the cheapest flooring option, but they are an investment, guaranteed to outlast and outperform other flooring materials. With proper care, marble tiles may never need replacing and can substantially increase the value of a residential or commercial property. If an individual tile is damaged, that single unit can be replaced without disrupting the rest of the floor. The cost of marble tiles depends on the size of the room and the number of tiles required. Some tiles may be more expensive than others.

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Your Stevenage marble tiling questions answered

What are the advantages of marble tiles?

Marble tiles can be used to make a backsplash, counter or floor covering, and are typically less expensive to install than full slabs of marble are.

How do I care for them?

Keep them clean with a gentle cleaner, and avoid using abrasives or harsh chemicals on them.

Are there any disadvantages to using marble tiles?

Marble tiles are very porous, so if you accidently spill a glass of red wine or a dish of pasta sauce on the floor, you may have to replace the dirtied tiles. The tiles also require frequent professional polishing to maintain their lustre.

What do marble tiles cost?

Marble tiles are normally priced by the tile, and are often sold in lots of 10 or more. On average, a medium quality marble tile will cost £2-4 each.

Is it normal for marble tiles to have what appears to be cracks in them?

Yes, as this is actually a feature of the stone that is referred to as veining. It is therefore a part of the stone’s natural beauty, and is nothing to be concerned about.

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