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shopfitting Stevenage

Shopfitting Stevenage

Attract more customers with expert Stevenage shopfitters

If you’re planning to open a new retail store, you need to consider professional shopfitting Stevenage services. Business owners can benefit a great deal from allowing professional shopfitters to help them arrange the layout of their store and we have dozens of providers in our network standing by ready to assist you.

What is Shopfitting

Shopfitting refers to designing the layout of a retail store and then equipping it with exactly the right fittings for displaying merchandise. Elements of interior design are sometimes incorporated into this process as well. This is all done in an effort to maximize the space that’s available without making the store appear to be too crowded. When properly performed, shopfitting also allows merchandise to be easily seen by customers while also allowing for good flow throughout the facility.


Shopfitting Stevenage can involve a number of different factors. In order to perform custom shopfitting, designers will consider things such as the amount of square footage, type of merchandise, location of exits, and lighting among other things. The design process typically includes selecting fixtures such as racks, shelving, and signage. In some cases, shopfitting designers might create bespoke fixtures or furniture for their clients based upon their individual needs.

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Stevenage shopfitting costs

The Process

When performing shopfitting, Stevenage designers go through quite a lengthy process. The first involves making a site visit and talking with business owners to find out what their plans are. It can also involve inspecting merchandise samples in order to find display racks that will be ideal for these products. A preliminary design is usually sketched and then presented for approval along with a cost estimate. Any changes will then be discussed, and once the final plan has been approved, then orders will be placed for the furniture and fixtures needed to complete the design.

Different Components of Shopfitting

Shopfitting can be very simple or complex. It can sometimes include only certain aspects of outfitting a retail store. For example, some shopfitting teams may only be concerned with the storefront and entrance, while others may deal only with lighting or signs. Even so, many companies perform complete shopfitting design, and this is generally recommended for new store openings or shops that have not been updated in some time.

Benefits of Stevenage Shopfitting

Shopfitting has long been hailed by retailers as an effective way to increase traffic to a store, thereby improving sales figures. The right interior design can also prompt customers to make impulse purchases or even stay inside the store longer than they had planned. These things can also lead to a higher sales volume. There are also a number of other benefits to shopfitting including:

  • The right setup can make it more difficult for thieves to shoplift
  • Adequate displays keep merchandise from becoming damaged
  • Signs placed in strategic areas can draw customer attention
  • Increases customer and employee safety since aisles won’t be blocked
  • Provides a welcoming atmosphere for people to shop in, making it more likely they will return
  • Ensures compliance with local fire and building safety codes

Stevenage Shopfitting Costs

Many small business owners are afraid to consider shopfitting because they are worried about how much it might cost. This service is not always out of reach for small retailers, as a number of things can play a part in the overall bottom line. The size of the building is perhaps the biggest factor that determines Stevenage shopfitting costs. The type of merchandise also affects an estimate, since non-traditional items that require special display racks add to the cost of shopfitting. You could also be charged more money if significant improvements need to be made to an existing building in order to accommodate the design you’re after.

Your Stevenage shopfitting questions answered

What does shopfitting normally include?

Ensuring you have the right furniture, fixtures and equipment to operate your business with.

Will I be able to approve a sketch of my project before work begins?

Yes, a reputable shopfitting contractor should not hesitate to let you see a sketch of the proposed project ahead of time so that you can approve it and make changes if need be.

What are the benefits of shopfitting?

Shopfitting is a very specialised skill that requires multiple years of training and apprenticeship. If you can find a skilled shopfitter, you will never have problems finding fittings or fixtures for your office or shop.

Are there any disadvantages I should know about?

Not really. As previously mentioned, shopfitting is a specialised skill. The only disadvantage would be in employing an unskilled or untrained shopfitter, which will lead to the crafting and installation of faulty or inferior parts.

Will my customers be bothered by the work of professional Stevenage shopfitters?

Every effort will be made to ensure your customers can freely conduct transactions without hassle. Contractors may schedule work in phases, or conduct shopfitting at night when your business is normally closed.

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